Karl Rove’s never ending hubris

Even with a pending subpoena and the chance that he could face prosecution for his involvement in the politicization of the Department of Justice, Karl Rove never stops. His arrogance and contempt for others is truly jaw dropping sometimes. On the O’Really show Friday, Feb 13, 2009, Rove gloats about the “witch hunt”. What Rove is trying to do here, and to a loyal audience, is down play and suggest this is “just politics”. Just see past it, stay focused on the crimes themselves not the Pavlovian rants of this traitor. Karl Rove leaked Valerie Plame’s name to journalists, two of which didn’t stoop to the Novak level. But he was a confirming source to Novak and leaked to Matt Cooper. He’s scum.

One Response to “ Karl Rove’s never ending hubris ”

  1. widgit007 Says:

    Hey i,m Australian. I have no particular bias when it comes to American politics but as cynical as most/all politicians are, my bullshit detector goes off the scale when Karl Rove speaks. He’s a master at projecting his own evil onto anyone who opposes him.