CheneyWatch site reboot 2011

It has been ten years since a group of people took over key parts of the United States. First, in December of 2000, the Supreme Court handed the office of the Presidency to George W. Bush. The verdict came down in Dec 2000. The consequences continue to this day.

By this time 10 years ago, Cheney’s Energy Task Force was in full swing. Bechtel, Chevron, American Coal Company, Small Refiners Association, the Coal Council, CSX, Kerr-McGee, Nuclear Energy Institute, the National Mining Association, General Motors, the National Petroleum Council, and the energy lobbying firm of Barbour, Griffith & Rogers. As we went on about our lives, we had little idea of what was to come. However, there were warnings in D.C. according to some information that is in the public sphere. On August 6th, Geore W Bush was handed his Presidential Daily Brief . “Bin Laden Determined to Attack Inside the United States.” This is a compelling title doesn’t alone capture the detailed information in the document and for whatever we have been able to see from the drops of information in the public sphere, there was ample warning of over 30 days to take any dangers seriously. Instead, Bush was on vacation.