Guantanamo report conflicts with earlier testimony

So now we are hearing that everything at Gitmo is squeaky clean and always was.But wait…what about the previous headlines that a military commission judgeWashington Post headline “Detainee Tortured, Says U.S. Official“We tortured [Mohammed al-]Qahtani,” said Susan J. Crawford, in her first interview since being named convening authority of military commissions by Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates in February 2007. “His treatment met the legal definition of torture. And that’s why I did not refer the case” for prosecution.”

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Richard Perle says…There are no NeoCons

Well blow me down…there are no such things as neoconservatives. That seems to be the invention of those loony leftist commie pinkos….or so Richard Perle wants you to believe:

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Domestic Wiretaps on US citizens

Will we see a change in the policies of the Bush Administration regarding wiretapping U.S. citizens? In this video clip, AG Eric Holder addresses FISA law and wiretapping. But note FISA still requires the government come to them and state who, what, where, they are searching. But that isn’t what we heard about under Bush administration comments. They went around FISA itself:Read more….

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Karl Rove Deposition Still On for Monday, Feb. 23

A staff member for the U.S. House Judiciary Committee said today that the deposition hearing scheduled for Monday, Feb. 23, for Karl Rove, the infamous former political adviser to President George W. Bush, is still on at this point. The Obama administration had sought a two week delay to weigh in on whether former Bush White House officials must testify before Congress about the politics involved in the firing of at least nine U.S. attorneys across the country, as well as the political prosecution of former Alabama Governor Don Siegelman. For more, including the details of an investigative reporter’s allegations of a cover-up by the Obama White House in seeking a delay, read the full story in the progressive Locust Fork News-Journal run by investigative reporter and former New York Times free-lancer Glynn Wilson. Permalink: Karl Rove Deposition Still On for Monday(source: )

Karl Rove’s never ending hubris

Even with a pending subpoena and the chance that he could face prosecution for his involvement in the politicization of the Department of Justice, Karl Rove never stops. His arrogance and contempt for others is truly jaw dropping sometimes. On the O’Really show Friday, Feb 13, 2009, Rove gloats about the “witch hunt”. What Rove is trying to do here, and to a loyal audience, is down play and suggest this is “just politics”. Just see past it, stay focused on the crimes themselves not the Pavlovian rants of this traitor. Karl Rove leaked Valerie Plame’s name to journalists, two of which didn’t stoop to the Novak level. But he was a confirming source to Novak and leaked to Matt Cooper. He’s scum.

The Legalities and Immunity

During the Cheney/Bush Administration we saw many examples of judicial manipulation. From the Department of Justice attorney firings to the commutation of Scooter Libby’s sentence, the Bush Administration repeatedly flaunted its power to protect its own backside. The questions of legality of torture were obfuscated by ideologues who favored any actions the CheneyBush Admin wished to enact. But the question remains, how binding are those decisions?

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Majority of Americans believe Cheney and Bush must face investigation

While the Obama administration keeps talking about ‘looking forward’ and not ‘looking back’, a vast majority of Americans support investigation, including criminal investigation, for Dick Cheney and George Bush.A new Gallop Poll shows a majority of Americans want to have an investigation into the wrong doings of the Bush administration, with more showing interest based on the politicization of the Justice Department followed by wiretaps without warrant, then torture. And while the Gallop poll interprets this as no mandate, of those who want an investigation into the politicization of the justice department (71%), 57% of them want a criminal investigation, For torture and wiretaps 63%, of those who support any investigation 60% want criminal investigation.

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The Case for Prosecution of Dick Cheney, George Bush and Co.

There is rarely joy to be found in prosecution. This process of holding someone accountable is loaded with frustration from the get go. But without holding people accountable for their actions, we might as well scrap any pretense of justice or rule of law.In the past 8 years we have seen violations of the fundamental standards of American values, whether they were ever real or simply imagined. In the name of national defense the administration and their enablers in the Congress eroded the fundamental constitutional standards that define this democratic experiment. The Bush Administration lobbied to go to war on a country that had never attacked the U.S., authorized torture of detainees, allowed extraordinary rendition of suspects, wasted billions of dollars to hide its crimes and mistakes, wiretapped citizens, journalists, soldiers calling their families, non-profits, politicized the Department of Justice, outed a CIA officer and her colleagues operations, threatened countries who didn’t run lock-step, and continuously lied about these actions when directly asked to own up to them.

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