Larry Wilkerson on Rachel Maddow covering the Cheney Administration

Larry Wilkerson appeared on Rachel Maddow with amazing insight to the Bush/Cheney administration:

Mark Danner’s appearance on Washington Journal

Mark Danner appeared on Washington Journal. Unfortunately I didn’t know until he was about half way through. He’s a solid reporter and knows his beat.But one of the key sections was responding to a caller who rattled off the pablum of the Bush apologists regarding the Geneva Conventions.Here’s Mark Danner’s recent articleand

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Will Canada arrest George Bush when he visits today?

Will Canada arrest George Bush when he visits Calgary today?Canada has laws regarding people suspected of war crimes visiting their country.Stay tuned to see if they’ll act on them with war criminal suspect George W Bush.

Ari Fleischer prolongs Cheney Bush lies about war

Former White House spokesmodel Ari Fleischer has continued his duty as lying mouthpiece for the Cheney Bush administration’s campaign to launch war on Iraq. Fleischer has been making the rounds to revise history and spit shine the turd legacy of the Cheney Bush administration.But this week he visited Chris Matthews and tried to pull this on someone who pays attention. Now frankly, Matthews is often too close to these topics to keep his eye on the ball, but he did do a great job of keeping the truth up while Fleischer tried to conflate evidence to provide a final outcome that is utterly horseshit.Now when he visited the D.L. Hugley show he found someone who is more comedian that reporter or political wonk, and Hughley let him go with little question. But Matthews didn’t do so. Then today Matthews noticed the final statement that Fleischer made that Saddam Hussein wouldn’t hit the U.S. “again”. This implied Saddam was involved in 9/11 which he wasn’t.Question:Should Fleischer be tried for his part in spreading these lies?

Shoe Throwing Journalist gets 3 year prison sentence

alzaidi The Iraqi journalist who fired away 2 shoe shots at disgraced former president George W Bush has been sentenced to 3 years in Iraqi prison. Muntadar al-Zaidi has become a folk hero for his actions which clearly tell us what many think of the Cheney Bush war on their country. So much for “greeted as liberators” and the parades of hope and freedom promised by Herr Cheney. al-Zaidi has filed an appeal.

Al-Zaidi yelled, “Long live Iraq!” as the sentenced was announced.We’ll keep you posted.

Italian Court Dismisses Evidence in CIA Rendition Trial citing”State Secrets”

The Italian Constitutional Court has ruled that prosecutors violated “state secrecy laws” in building their case against Italian and U.S. agents who are accused of extraordinary rendition of Hassan Mustafa Osama Nasr, aka Abu Omar.Though the case has not been thrown out it has set back the case which resumes hearing on March 18, 2009. The case claims that the CIA led team kidnapped Abu Omar in Milan and took him to US bases in Italy and Germany before they flew him to Egypt in 2003. Abu Omar says he was tortured there and held without being charged.The court ruled that the prosecutors improperly used classified secrets to prepare their case. Much of the indictment rests on the “secrets”, and no word has come as to how the lawyers will be able to make their case without being able to rely upon these materials.From Berlisconi till now, Italy maintains it had no role in the Nasr rendition.The case involves twenty six American agents and several Italian agents.We will keep you posted.

Seymour Hersh: The Bush Administration ran”Executive Assassination Ring”

Seymour Hersh is reporting that the Cheney Bush Administration were operating an “Executive Assassination Ring” under the “Joint Special Operations Command” which reported directly to the White House. Hersh is planning on writing an article on the revelation and spoke of it Tuesday night at the University of Minnesota.Hersh: Bush Admin Ran “Executive Assassination Ring”Mr. Hersh claims the operation involved sending agents to countries and executing suspects on a “target list”We’ll follow this story and keep you posted.

Follow Up With Your Local D.A. Now That They Have The Bugliosi Book On Prosecuting Dick&W


From We want you to know that we are gearing up for actions on many critical and substantive issues, health care, mass media issues, real food safety and more, and we will have much more on all these soon.However, this week there is a special priority. We told you that another activist group was sending copies of the Vince Bugliosi Book, “The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder” to each and every local county district attorney in the country, nearly 3,000 books in the mail which were due to arrive at their destinations on or about Feb. 21, so they should be there by now.

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Truth and Consequences hearing

On Wednesday, March 4, 2009, Patrick Leahy convened a hearing of the Senate Judiciary Committee to discuss the creation of a “Truth and Consequences Commission” to hear the abuses and remedies of the George Bush and Dick Cheney administration. Joining this panel were Thomas Pickering, Ret. Vice Admiral Lee Gunn, John Farmer, F.A.O. Schwarz, David Rivkin and Jeremy Rabkin.

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