Cheney gets his wish, sorta documents Cheney requested are now released, redacted of course, and they do little to foster his view. Reading over the reports above, its clear to see that normal interrogation techniques were clearly productive. There is no portion of these reports, unredacted portions, that defend Cheney’s views on torture as necessary and fruitful.If you see anything in these that demonstrates this, we’d love to know. Its a busy news day.

CIA Inspector Report released is the long awaited report. Many new details have been released. We are reading the document and will elaborate the details here. And we will publish the news coverage related to this story. Stay tuned….

Documents By Chronology:

Documents By Chronology:The attacks on September 11, 2001 were the catalyst for the “war on terror”– and for a legal revolution in assertions of broad powers for the Commander-in-Chief. In this chronological library of 34 documents, it is possible to chart the decision-making that led to interrogations of prisoners in U.S. custody that were “at a minimum, cruel and inhuman treatment and, at worst, torture,” in the words of the former general counsel of the United States Navy, Alberto Mora.

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John Kiriakou changes his tune

John Kiriakou changes his tune

After some reflection former CIA agent John Kiriakou has modified his view about the torture of Abu Zubaydah. He apparently didn’t realize that there wasn’t just one session of torture, but 83 sessions of torture.

If one round of torture worked, Kiriakou seems to argue that he would at least find it effective.